“The notary of herbs and flowers”, Gastronomical magazine “7Caníbales” (August, 2016)


Naturalwalks participates in the presentation of the DO Empordà Wine Route in Madrid and New York. (june, 2016)


New post at Alterconsumismo: Welcome Spring (April, 2016)


El Celler de Can Roca, with Evarist March, gastro-botanical consultant to El Celler and director of Naturalwalks, appears in the official web of presenting the project, TERRA ANIMADA that introduces wild plants to haute cuisine. (June, 2015).

Feature in the Magazine Dinero y Salud (Money and Health), about ecotourism and the practices of sustainable tourism, as always focused on nature conservation. (June, 2015)

In TV3’s program Divendres (Friday), with Pep Nogué showing how to cook with edible and seasonal flowers. (November, 2014)

Naturalwalks in the feature of El Comercio (Ecuador daily newspaper) about a botany course given to a group of chefs. (April, 2014)


Interview with Infotur Peru: “Sentarán las bases para la formación de guías de naturaleza” (“The foundation will be laid for the training of naturalist guides”). (March, 2014)



Naturalwalks in the program “El Medi Ambient” (“The Environment”) from TV3, feature “Nature Walks” (Octuber, 2013).


Naturalwalks appears in a magazine article in Cuerpo Mente “A  different summer.” (July, 2013).


Naturalwalks interviewed for the magazine Healthy Life – The Ecologist. (August, 2012).

Naturalwalks Interviewed in El Blog Alternativo. (October, 2012).

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Naturalwalks is working with el Somni of El Celler de Can Roca.


Screen Shot 2015-09-14 at 17.37.34


Article from the Tarragona Daily: Activities to combine the worlds of nature and wine. Naturalwalks introduces its project Wine Pairing among Flowers to eno-tourism in the Priorat county. (june, 2016)



Ushuaia TV reportage for Bouger verg : La Catalogne c’est chez vous (April , 2016 )


New Travel Geekery post: The ignored region of La Selva. (February, 2016)


In the feature of the daily newspaper Vilaweb La Biocultura fa eclosió, the emphasis is on consumption of ecological and sustainable services and products, in reference to our participation in the 22nd edition of BioCultura in Barcelona (May, 2015).

La gastrobotánica ayuda en la cocina (“Gastro-botany” helps cuisine) in the daily Colombian newspaper Universo, about a course given in Colombia by Evarist March (September, 2014)



Interview in interview on March Evarist work as an adviser of El Celler de Can Roca, recently awarded as the world’s best restaurant. (April, 2014)


Interview with the University of Hospitality and Tourism in Sant Pol de Mar about his career and experience as a professor in the university. (April, 2014)

entrevista evarist march naturalwalks



Report about El Celler de Can Roca, where they talk about the work of Naturalwalks in their culinary project (Terra Animada)  “The weekly El Pais from the newspaper” El Pais. (August, 2013)



Naturalwalks appears at the beginning of Pillar Sampietro’s blog, The Country “Life under the asphalt” (June 11, 2013).


Naturalwalks interviewed by Ets el que menges. (October, 2012).


Naturalwalks on the TV program ‘8 al dia’ from channel 8TV. (May, 2012).

Feature article from ARA daily newspaper: A wine for each flower. Naturalwalks presents its Wine Pairing among flowers at the DO Alella. (june, 2016)


New applications of traditional plants in the Masia Roca, on Channel 1 News. (January, 2016)


Evarist March’s interview on the radio program Vida Verde, of RNE-RADIO. (March, 2016)

vida verde

Evarist March in the feature of El Faro de Vigo (Daily Newspaper in Galicia) talking about his work as a botanical consultant in one of the best restaurants in the world- El Celler de Can Roca- about the incorporation of wild plants and flowers in their dishes. (March, 2015)

Feature De què fa olor Catalunya a l’estiu? (“What smells in Catalonia on Summer?) in the daily newspaper ARA with Joan Roca-El Celler de Can Roca- about the application of natural heritage and plants in haute cuisine. (August, 2014).


 Interview in El Comercio, the most well-known daily newspaper in Peru about the preparation for Celler de Can Roca’s tour. (March, 2014)

Feature: “Roca cocina con flores” (“Roca cooks with flowers”) in the “Magazine” El Mundo. Evarist March, director of Naturalwalks, chosen as prestigious botanist and consultant to the Celler de Can Roca in the incorporation of wild plants to their dishes. (February, 2014).



Podcast de radio con Evarist March, entrevistado como especialista en rutas en RAC1 (Radio Associació de Catalunya)  “Las mejores rutas de Cataluña 2013”. (Agosto, 2013).

Naturalwalks in the TV report “Cook Spain Brand “ from the TV program ‘Weekly Report’ about the naming of Celler de Can Roca as the best restaurant in the world. (May 4, 2013).

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Naturalwalks on ‘Btv notícies’ from BTV. (September, 2011).


Naturalwalks on the TV program ‘Green Life’ from Radio4. (May, 2012).


 Naturalwalks on the radio program ‘Eureka’ from Com Radio. (December, 2011).