Our team

Evarist March
The soul of Naturalwalks. Biologist with over 15 years of experience, he is currently working as a nature guide, teacher and specialized consultant in gastro-botany, health and ecotourism. Where others see landscape, Evarist finds a variety of natural resources and their relationship with the territory and its heritage. With his patience, passion and the ability to make the invisible palpable, each activity and project becomes the discovery of new possibilities until then invisible.

Joan Farré
Joan has a love affair with nature. He dedicates all of his professional activity and free time to different areas related to nature. Trained in natural resource management and actively engaged in landscape conservation, organic farming and the respectful interaction with the environment in leisure, business or sports. As a Naturalwalks guide, he offers a multidisciplinary vision and the vocation of an explorer to spark curiosity and to discover what lies beyond that mountain, under that stone, or inside that flower.

Naturalwalks’ Guides
Naturalwalks has its team of nature guides. The whole team has university degrees in Biology or Environmental Sciences, as well as specialized training in Heritage Interpretation certified by the HeriQ Project and proficiency in English as a working language.

Sílvia Gili
Project manager. A trained biologist with extensive experience in project management of nature conservation, public participation, environmental education and international cooperation. She combines this professional experience with naturopathy and consultancy in nutrition and healthy eating. A lover of nature and life, she provides Naturalwalks with new projects and work opportunities.

Bàrbara Schmitt
Has studied history in Germany, USA and Canada. She has extensive experience in the fields of translations and historical documentation as well as cultural management. She is actively involved in the defence, education and conservation of the environment. To Naturalwalks she brings her brought background on human interaction with the territory and her knowledge of languages to introduce international visitors to the rich natural and historical heritage of our region and to promote the activities we offer to our future customers.

Jessica Freedman
Jessica is responsible for the commercial strategy, sales and communication for Naturalwalks. A native of San Francisco, she has always liked to hike and spend time in nature. Double undergraduate degrees in Journalism and Spanish, with a Masters in Management of Tourism Innovation with a specialty Heritage Culinary and Gastronomic, for which she has come to Barcelona in 2013. At the same time she specialized in the development of ecotourism products and gastronomy. Jessica brings her passion for travel, nature and Mediterranean gastronomy to Naturalwalks as well as her creativity and ability to problem solve thanks to her training as a journalist.