Montseny Natural Park

MontsenyMontseny Natural Park is the only biosphere reserve in Catalonia. Here you can enjoy strolling through forests and meadows of the alpine mountains, just over an hour from the sunny beaches. An amazing landscape of colors throughout the year!

Objective: To determine the unique flora and landscape of Montseny in contrast to the Mediterranean environment.

Botanical landscapes: Rainforests (beech, fir, oak) and Mediterranean (oaks, cork, pine), high mountain vegetation of siliceous rocky areas, exotic conifer plantations, orchids and endemic species.
Ideal for: Adults and accompanied children.
Duration: 4-5 hours.

Every route includes:
– Identification of the images of plants, via e-mail.
– Water and organic snacks, walking stick if you do not have your own.

The difficulty will be low-medium unless otherwise indicated.
Tours are tailored to meet the physical needs of the participants.

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