Our commitment


We develop ecotourism activities, consulting and training to conserve natural heritage and biodiversity through knowledge, awareness and societal involvement.


We make the conservation of natural values ​​compatible with public use and promote ecotourism as a tool for sustainable development of the territory. We work with individuals, with groups and companies to develop our mission.


Our main values are:
Integrity and honesty
Responsibility and quality
Cooperation and teamwork
Intuition and respect
Professionalism and illusion.


Naturalwalks agrees and prioritizes the following policies regarding quality, sustainability and corporate social responsibility:

– Continuous improvement of our operations through optimal management of human and technical resources at our disposal.

– Ensure the identification of all environmental aspects of our business and seek continuing minimization and compensation of our impacts.

– Integrate all members of the company in the culture of quality and the environment, promoting the commitment and involvement of everyone.

– To reach our suppliers, partners and customers with our quality and environmental policies, in order to involve them in our projects and share our mission.

– Promote and generate an ethical and conscious economy based on a social economy.

*We are part of a greater commitment along with other Ecotourism professionals for the continuous improvement of the Ecotourism sector.