“Activity 100% recommended for all those who want to delve into the world of mushrooms ”

-R. Bernal – Course: Funghi and Wild Mushrooms in Montseny (November 2018)

“Thank you for guiding us to look and feel the diversity, complexity and beauty of Montseny Natural Park.”

-Nikoletta- Course about mushrooms in Montseny (November 2018)


“It was a pleasant surprise to take this course and above all to meet the classmates and enjoy the good spirited group and vibes that were created.”

– A. Uya – Course Interpretation of Nature and Guiding (September 2018)


“Marine tapas by kayak is a unique way to experience the Cap de Creus landscape and to enjoy the territory with all your senses. Pau and Evarist make this activity a fun, enlightening and very tasty experience.”

 Tomás Ibáñez  (June, 2016) Activity: Marine tapas by kayak: Cruising the savory side of the Costa Brava.

“I would emphasize the ability of the guides to make something seemingly ordinary, fascinating, and at the same time to explain simply the unknown details of the world of plants in their historical background.

Joshua Warmer (August, 2015). Activity: Walking Among Plants in Jewish Girona

“The most interesting thing was the location of the tour and the endless knowledge of the” teacher “…

Montserrat (March, 2015). Activity: Winter Medicinal plants – Punta de la Mora, Tarragona

“What I liked most was the concept in general, the combination of a quality holiday in a natural environment with a very broad learning in the identification of herbs and their uses, and a country home that that makes you feel like you’re at home.”

Mª Angels (July, 2014). Holidays: Among herbs Catalan Pyrenees – Senterada, Lleida.

I had a great time. To discover by night an environment so close and to enjoy the city under a different light, and with explanations that through nature made me reflect about life itself…It made a special experience out of what could have been just another summer night.”

Silvia Ferrer (June, 2015). Activity: Barcelona by Night

“Very interesting to see everyday things in a different light”

Manel Macia Gallemí (February, 2015). Activity: Bare trees. A botanical walk without leaves! (Ciutadella Park)

“Well organized. Good adherence to schedules. Good balance between technical information transmitted and overview of the interconnectedness to the environment. I think we should have had to make a wild salad! ”

Josep Sauleda (May, 2014). Course: Weeds in the garden, good herbs for the kitchen and the medicine cabinet – San Martin Viejo, Girona.

“The truth is that initially I wasn’t sure I would enjoy doing Ratafia (I signed up for the activity because I Evarist’s excursions were highly recommended), and after spending the day I went home very interested.”

Isabel Martin Bellido (June, 2015). Workshop: Ratafia herbs. Montseny Natural Park.

“It was greatly appreciated that after the course, they send us the information given, it really helps to kepe fresh the content of the workshop and lessons learned.”

Joan Sureda (February, 2015). Workshop: Edible wild winter plants in Barcelona classroom

“The activity has been very interesting and entertaining. The guide, Evarist transmits his knowledge and his passion for the world that we live in and love. This makes possible a very friendly atmosphere among the group, with a general assertiveness that makes you enjoy the meeting and upon completion, you have a feeling of fullness. ”

Quique. Course about mushrooms in Montseny

“It was a great experience, learning how to interpret nature in an incomparable location, accompanied by people from different backgrounds, but all with a common interest, love of nature and learning to transmit this love.”

– P. Urgell –Course Interpretation of Nature and Guiding– Montseny (September 2018)


“This course is a perfect combination: to learn about the plants and flowers in situ and then cook them, all this at the hand of two experts each in their field and in a perfect environment for the occasion.”

-S. Alvarez – Course: Edible Wild Plants in Besalú (June 2018)

“A holiday to repeat and to recommend to everybody who wants to spend a few days with people who are passionate about nature. We made a great group at the dining table, and in the field.”

– M. Carme – Holiday package: Amongst wildflowers in the Catalan Pyrenees (July 2016)

“Now I go into nature and I like that I am able to identify some plants and I have the possibility to continue training in successive courses. I find that you do it quite well! “

Eduard (May, 2014). Course: Weeds in the garden, good herbs for the kitchen and the medicine cabinet – San Marti Vell, Girona.

“For me the most important part has been the dedication and support of trained experts in the field. The fact to be given instructions and techniques of kayaking, geography and marine fauna to complement the subject of activity, is very interesting and I recommend it to anyone who loves nature.”

Carlos Tabares (June, 2016) Activity: Marine tapas by kayak: Cruising the savory side of the Costa Brava.


“A really interesting afternoon, with high level guides, both as professionals and as individuals. You completely lose track of time and it is certainly addictive. ”

Joan Masso (June, 2015). Activity: Herbs and edible seaweed in kayak. Costa Brava.

“In terms of sustainability, nothing to improve; It has been completely respectful of sustainability and environmental conservation”

Roxana Aliaga (January, 2015). Workshop: Herbs and wild vegetables in Montjuic

“Seriously an excellent initiative. Large and small we have shared a family activity “which the word itself had invited us to think while in a playful, simple and convenient proposal: to have fun while learning, address issues of general knowledge and walks with zero difficulty. The price of the inscriptions and the possibility to reach by public transportation were the two key factors that led us to sign up for the workshop as well as the advertising. ”

Vicky Medina (May, 2014). Activity: Butterflies in spring for the whole family – Baix Montseny.

“Very interesting and dynamic teaching methods of the course itself, as theory and practice. We discover places that I will look at with different eyes now, both the fauna and flora that surrounds me, the useful and practical information provided by the guide. A very nice, fresh and methodology suitable for all ages, where I discovered a beautiful setting and learned at the same time to enjoy nature. ”

Raquel Jimenez (June, 2015). Activity: Edible plants and herbs. Blanes.

“With Naturalwalks’ workshops you always learn something interesting and you have the chance to reflect and see nature with new eyes. To think that you do not need to wait for spring to see the flowering fields made me want to go walking in the mountains despite the cold”

Annalisa Porru (January, 2015). Workshop: Herbs and wild vegetables in Montjuic

“Great Weekend full of mycology, hiking, friends, food, football … You can ask for virtually anything else.”

Raimon. Course about mushrooms, weekend in the Garrotxa

“After the last day during the course about Wild Mushrooms in Montseny I reread my book about wild mushrooms and I started to understand, to know how to read … It is rewarding to hear someone knowledgeable and passionate in a field, and if it is in a forest of Montseny, even better. Thank you Evarist ”

Loreto de Ros (November, 2014). Activity: Funghi and Wild Mushrooms in Montnegre

“It helped me to have tools that I didn’t even know existed, but that we all have in order to direct the public and make them more sensitive to the topics, which I consider important.”

– Natalia –Course Interpretation of Nature and Guiding– Montseny (September 2018)

“A very practical and useful course for interpretative nature guides, I’ll use it to improve our guided visits..”

-Ane-Interpretative Nature Guiding Course, Basque Country (March 2018).

“This was a very productive activity, you learn how to observe plants in your surroundings and understand that everything follows a natural logic. The food was really good and the restaurant was exceptional. It would be interesting to do a longer course to assimilate the knowledge and to be able to know more plants, but all in all a very wide-ranging course. For the one-day option it’s a great start to find out if you like it, which in my case was really, really good, and totally recommended.”

-S. Ramos- Montseny: Course Medicinal & Edible Plants (November 2017)

“I thought it was an interesting experience in a beautiful setting and so close to the city. Evarist (the guide) has a lot of knowledge and transmits great passion in what he tells. ”

Luis Miguel Flores (May, 2015). Activity: Medicinal Plants of Collserola.

“Personally, I think you’re a very good professional with extensive knowledge of the subject and a great capacity for teaching and communication. The relationship between the participants was excellent, a fantastic day, very didactic explanations and we found lots of mushrooms (perhaps masses). As you were saying the “appetizer” left us wanting to go back and delve deeper into the subject. ”

Hortensia Gonzalez (October, 2014). Activity: Funghi and Wild Mushrooms in Montnegre

“A day in nature, to unwind, enjoy the fresh air, discover beautiful roads with spectacular views, and learn about plants with a very competent and professional guide. A mixture of ecotourism study of plants and physical activity”


“I loved the excursion because in a fun, spontaneous and didactic way we have discovered plants that we had no idea were there. What a vast and varied world, and it’s amazing how intelligent nature is, the fact that plants can grow where they are given the right conditions! ”

Juan Carlos Urrea (May, 2015). Activity: Medicinal Plants of Collserola.

“It was a fantastic experience! Total exaltation of the senses: scents, colors, flavors and explanations that took us on a trip. Congratulations!”

Monica Mora Trivedi (September, 2014). Workshop: Pairing with flowers and wine: from aroma to taste – Alella, Barcelona

“The more we know about nature, the more we understand and learn to care for her. This is what we would highlight about the nature activities organized by Naturalwalks. They are understandable and participatory botanical outings, where you enjoying while respecting nature is the first goal. At home we highly we value their work, and we love it! ”

Miguel, Sergio and Silvia Sanchez.

“I think it is essential to go on an excursion such as these from time to time, to remind us that the world of plants that surrounds has so many opportunities to offer where we live, how we are and what we need. They also remind us that the plants are not worthless objects, that they are wise and complex, that we should have more sensitivity towards the world to enjoy these little things for the wellbeing of the plants, ourselves and the world in general. I would do this activity again without a doubt! ”

Anita Scheveloff (March, 2015). Activity: Winter Medicinal Plants – Punta de la Mora, Tarragona

“Spectacular holidays, for the landscapes that we crosses as well as for the knowledge gained by the friendly environment of the group, and finally for the extraordinary quality of the country home where we stayed”

Carmen Casals (July, 2014). Holidays: Among herbs Catalan Pyrenees – Senterada, Lleida.

“You’ve helped us to walk in Collserola, a feast for the senses, it’s no longer just s not only our sight that is sharpened; it is the smell, touch, taste, finding similarities and differences, memory … Everything is a pleasure! ”

Roser (May, 2015). Departure: Medicinal Plants of Collserola.

“I love your outings and I think much of what I know about plants I owe you for it. Since I started going on your outings that my science classes have improved greatly. I hope you never stop doing it and that I can have more time to repeat “.

Lourdes, Tarragona.