Training in tourism: guiding and heritage interpretation


plantas_aromaticasCourse in guiding and tools for heritage interpretation.

40/48 hours

Includes an official guide certificate from Interpret Europe

Participants will learn different types of tools and techniques related to the nature guide profession, the preparation and execution of guides, communication and interpretation of natural heritage, the use of natural resources and the evaluation of their activities.
It will give a holistic look to the nature guiding profession to differentiate it from other types of guidance and related professions in the field of tourism or the environment. It is oriented to learn the art of guiding and interpreting in a natural environment and will deepen in the most relevant aspects that must be taken into account from the design to the execution of different types of activities.
The course will be in intensive format, divided into two packages of three days each, with a total of 6 days: 48 hours.


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