Corporate social responsability (CSR)

Invasive Species?

Get up close and personal with nature!


  • Restore the balance of a disturbed ecosystem, in this case, invasive species. During the activity, a CSR task is performed by restoring the natural balance of the ecosystem, in this way making it a more sustainable.
  • Allocate 3% of the cost of the activity to the Selvans project in collaboration with the conservation NGO, Acci√≥natura. This contribution will go towards the conservation of a mature forest with special ecological value in Catalonia.

Many of the species that we see today in our Mediterranean landscapes are plants that have come about relatively recently and some of them have become invasive.

Did you know that many of the species that you see when you look at a landscape are invasive species?
Do you know how these species affect the diversity of our ecosystems?

Many of them end up displacing local species and destroying the wealth of the territory and the native habitats.

They are exotic species that we often introduce because they are different and pretty, and we end up planting them in our garden! Over time they are spread out, invading natural areas.

  • The activity consists of a brief explanation of the area and the species with which we are going to work.
  • We will learn why these are exotic and invasive plants and we will learn how to extract them and their main uses.
  • We will be organized into small groups to be more effective.
  • During the activity, we will explain properties of other plants that we find, as well as important information relating to ecology and the importance of the place.