Notre équipe


Evarist March

Est l’âme de Naturalwalks. Muni d’une licence de biologie et botaniste, avec plus de 20 ans d’expérience derrière lui, il se consacre actuellement à son métier de guide naturaliste, de formateur et de consultant spécialisé en gastro-botanique, santé et écotourisme. Là où d’autres voient des paysages, Evarist détecte toute une variété de ressources naturelles et leur rapport avec le territoire et le patrimoine. Avec sa patience, sa passion et sa capacité de rendre palpable ce qui est invisible, toutes les activités et tous les projets se transforment en une découverte de nouvelles possibilités, invisibles jusqu’alors.

Joan Farré

Joan has a love affair with nature. He dedicates all of his professional activity and free time to different areas related to nature. Trained in natural resource management and actively engaged in landscape conservation, organic farming and the respectful interaction with the environment in leisure, business or sports. As a Naturalwalks guide, he offers a multidisciplinary vision and the vocation of an explorer to spark curiosity and to discover what lies beyond that mountain, under that stone, or inside that flower.

Helena Marques

Attracted by wildlife since her childhood, she earned a degree in biology and later specialized in wildlife nutrition. For more than 20 years she has worked as a nutritionist for different national and international zoos and has formulated diets for all types of animals. Within her specialty she has participated in conservation projects of many threatened species of the Iberian Peninsula. She has also participated as a speaker in many conferences and courses worldwide. Since a few years ago, she performs interpretative routes for both school children and the general public. She enjoys sharing her passion and her goal is to awaken curiosity and promote respect towards nature and the environment in general. Helena brings her zoological approach to Naturalwalks.

Carolina González Delgado

Consultant, who has dedicated more than 10 years of her professional practice in the design and execution of Policies, Plans and sustainable tourism projects and other environmental businesses. Trained as Ecologist at the University Pontificia Javeriana de Colombia and with a Master’s in Social Politics from the same university. She has also taken courses related to tourism in natural areas in Costa Rica, Bolivia and Japan. Her commitment to the conservation of natural spaces and the development of memorable and sustainable experiences for all, are qualities that are combined with the mission of Naturalwalks.

Gerard Acosta

Trained geologist and passionate about interpretation and the divulgation of natural heritage. He is an Interpretative Nature & Mountaineering Guide, specialised in eco-tourism activities. In spite of being from Barcelona, since he was very young he spent much of his free time in nature, which lead him to focus his professional life in this field. When not working as a guide, you can find him doing any kind of outdoor activity, always observing his surroundings and paying special attention to the natural world that surrounds him. In the Naturalwalks team, he contributes his knowledge of geology and the interaction of this in the other fields.

Daysy Angeles- Representative for Latin America

Consultant and advisor in design and execution of strategies and tourism policies, planning and sustainable tourism projects with emphasis in conservation and development of natural and rural environments. Degree in Tourism Administration (Peru) with a Master’s Degree in Environmental Management and Ecotourism (Costa Rica) and Management of Protected Natural Spaces (Spain). Her experience focuses on the development and implementation of innovative tourism products and the management of touristic destinations in natural and rural environments. Therefore, her contribution to Naturalwalks focuses on the knowledge of the diverse cultural and environmental realities of this region, as well as her capacity to establish new professional ties that contribute to the sustainability of destinations and the identification of opportunities for continuous improvement in the tourism sector of the region.

Naturalwalks’ Guides Naturalwalks dispose d’une équipe de guides naturalistes, c’est-à-dire spécialisés dans le domaine de la nature. Toute l’équipe est diplômée, tous les membres sont munis d’une licence universitaire en biologie ou dans les sciences de l’environnement, ainsi que d’une formation spécialisée dans l’interprétation du patrimoine, certifiée par le Projet HeriQ. Tous maîtrisent également l’anglais comme langue de travail.