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“A holiday to repeat and to recommend to everybody who wants to spend a few days with people who are passionate about nature. We made a great group at the dining table, and in the field.”

– M. Carme –

Holiday package: Amongst wildflowers in the Catalan Pyrenees (July 2016)

“Marine tapas by kayak is a unique way to experience the Cap de Creus landscape and to enjoy the territory with all your senses. Pau and Evarist make this activity a fun, enlightening and very tasty experience.”

– Tomás Ibáñez –

Marine tapas by kayak: Cruising the savory side of the Costa Brava

(june, 2016)

“For me the most important part has been the dedication and support of trained experts in the field. The fact to be given instructions and techniques of kayaking, geography and marine fauna to complement the subject of activity, is very interesting and I recommend it to anyone who loves nature.”

– Carlos Tabares –

Marine tapas by kayak: Cruising the savory side of the Costa Brava

(june, 2016)

“I would emphasize the ability of the guides to make something seemingly ordinary, fascinating, and at the same time to explain simply the unknown details of the world of plants in their historical background.”


– Joshua Warmer –
Activity: ‘Walking Among Plants in Jewish Girona’


(August, 2015)

The truth is that initially I wasn’t sure I would enjoy doing Ratafia (I signed up for the activity because I Evarist’s excursions were highly recommended), and after spending the day I went home very interested.


– Isabel Martín –
Workshop: Ratafia herbs. Montseny Natural Park.


(June, 2015)

“I had a great time. To discover by night an environment so close and to enjoy the city under a different light, and with explanations that through nature made me reflect about life itself…It made a special experience out of what could have been just another summer night.”


– Silvia Ferrer –
Activity: Barcelona by Night


(June, 2015)

Naturalwalks in the Media

El Celler de Can Roca, with Evarist March, gastro-botanical consultant to El Celler and director of Naturalwalks, appears in the official web of presenting the project, TERRA ANIMADA that introduces wild plants to haute cuisine. (June, 2015).


evarist march, celler de can roca


(June, 2015)

In the feature of the daily newspaper Vilaweb La Biocultura fa eclosió the emphasis is on consumption of ecological and sustainable services and products, in reference to our participation in the 22nd edition of BioCultura in Barcelona.




(May, 2015)

Feature: De què fa olor Catalunya a l’estiu? (“What smells in Catalonia on Summer?) in the daily newspaper ARA with Joan Roca-El Celler de Can Roca- about the application of natural heritage and plants in haute cuisine.


naturalwalks diari ara


(August, 2014).