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“This course is a perfect combination: to learn about the plants and flowers in situ and then cook them, all this at the hand of two experts each in their field and in a perfect environment for the occasion.”


– S. Álvarez –


Course: Edible Wild Plants: The union of nature, science and cuisine


(June 2018)

“I loved the activity, walking with Evarist through the field you realize the infinity of plants that we do not usually pay attention to and are edible! The best thing is that he knows how to explain it in such a way that even if you do not want to, you end up learning. Olga is a great teacher and disseminator, I love the way she explains not only the properties of the foods that we have found, but also the ‘why’, what must be done to retain them or enhance them, and all in all in a very pleasant way, and to finish it off we went into the kitchen and we prepared some very good dishes! Thank you very much for this intense and enriching weekend. “


-C. Raya-


Course: Edible Wild Plants: The union of nature, science and cuisine


(June 2018)

“For the rest of the course I have nothing bad to say, you and Olga, have a degree of exceptional professionalism and don’t doubt that if you do any other course that is of interest for me, I will do it without a doubt.


– D. Alabau –
Course: Edible Wild Plants: The union of nature, science and cuisine


(June, 2018)

“A very practical and useful course for interpretative nature guides, I’ll use it to improve our guided visits..”


– Ane –


Interpretative Nature Guiding Course, Basque Country 


(March, 2018)

“This was a very productive activity, you learn how to observe plants in your surroundings and understand that everything follows a natural logic. The food was really good and the restaurant was exceptional. It would be interesting to do a longer course to assimilate the knowledge and to be able to know more plants, but all in all a very wide-ranging course. For the one-day option it’s a great start to find out if you like it, which in my case was really, really good, and totally recommended.”


Montseny: Course Medicinal & Edible Plants 


-S. Ramos


(November 2017)

“The guided visit with Joan from Naturalwalks is a great gift for young and older people alike to learn and enjoy the surrounding areas of the Costa Brava. A highly recommended excursion for both winter and summer, we learned stories about spectacular places”


Costa Brava




(Diciembre 2017)

“I liked it a lot, we will repeat for sure. Thanks for a pleasant morning, see you soon.”


Collserola: Course Edible Plants


R. Bosch


(September 2017)

I like to discover my surroundings, what I see everyday and don’t know how to recognize. Barbara calmly showed me nature in the middle of a noisy city. Thanks!


Girona: The natural pantry of the Jewish Quarter


(August 2017)

It was a really interesting experience to pair the wines with the botanicals and something I had never done before.

-S. Strain-


Wine Pairing with wild flowers at 50 Best Restaurants Awards


(Melbourne, April 2017)

“A holiday to repeat and to recommend to everybody who wants to spend a few days with people who are passionate about nature. We made a great group at the dining table, and in the field.”


– M. Carme –


Holiday package: Amongst wildflowers in the Catalan Pyrenees (July 2016)

“Marine tapas by kayak is a unique way to experience the Cap de Creus landscape and to enjoy the territory with all your senses. Pau and Evarist make this activity a fun, enlightening and very tasty experience.”


– Tomás Ibáñez –


Marine tapas by kayak: Cruising the savory side of the Costa Brava


(june, 2016)

“For me the most important part has been the dedication and support of trained experts in the field. The fact to be given instructions and techniques of kayaking, geography and marine fauna to complement the subject of activity, is very interesting and I recommend it to anyone who loves nature.”


– Carlos Tabares –


Marine tapas by kayak: Cruising the savory side of the Costa Brava


(june, 2016)

“I would emphasize the ability of the guides to make something seemingly ordinary, fascinating, and at the same time to explain simply the unknown details of the world of plants in their historical background.”


– Joshua Warmer –
Activity: ‘Walking Among Plants in Jewish Girona’


(August, 2015)

The truth is that initially I wasn’t sure I would enjoy doing Ratafia (I signed up for the activity because I Evarist’s excursions were highly recommended), and after spending the day I went home very interested.


– Isabel Martín –
Workshop: Ratafia herbs. Montseny Natural Park.


(June, 2015)

“I had a great time. To discover by night an environment so close and to enjoy the city under a different light, and with explanations that through nature made me reflect about life itself…It made a special experience out of what could have been just another summer night.”


– S. Ferrer –
Activity: Barcelona by Night


(June, 2015)

Naturalwalks in the Media

Naturalwalks on the TV program “En el Punto de Mira”from Channel ‘Cuatro’  (August, 2018).

Screen Shot 2018-08-07 at 10.23.50 AM

“Discover the link that emanate the plants from Girona with the Jews” -Diario de Girona (August, 2018).

Screen Shot 2018-08-07 at 10.58.53 AM

“Eat well, Travel Better The Business of Food Travel-Ep.11 Evarist March- See You in the Wild”- World Food Travel Association (July 2018)
Screen Shot 2018-07-16 at 8.26.27 PM

“Discovering Chile through the Flavors”-La Segunda, Chile (March 2018)
Articulo Chile

“The Landscape on the Palate”-Magazine Ling Vueling (November 2017)


Screen Shot 2017-11-08 at 2.34.32 PM

“That you love or hate cilantro has this explanation: the answer is in your genes”-La Vanguardia (October 2017)
Screen Shot 2017-10-17 at 1.20.03 PM

“Learn about the new culinary trend named ‘gastrobotany'” CNN-Chile (September 2017)


Screen Shot 2017-09-13 at 1.06.43 PM

Gastrobotany: the Green Revolution on the Table- El Mercurio-Chile (August 2017)


Screen Shot 2017-09-21 at 12.25.28 PM

“I share Knowledge for Gastronomic Creativity”- Placeres (Summer 2017)



“A Morning with Evarist March” Chef & Hotel Magazine-Chile (July 2017)


chef& hotel julio

“Seaweed of the Costa Brava with Evarist March”- Blog: Play 2017

Off the Table #5

“The District of Sants-Montjuïc fights unemployment with nature guiding courses”-Betevé (July 2017)


Beteve julio