Who are we?


Naturalwalks was born with the vocation to bring people closer to the natural environment so that they can know, enjoy and interpret Nature and its relationships with the inhabitants and the culture of each place from a first-hand experience.

We develop ecotourism activities, consultancies and training to disseminate and conserve natural heritage and biodiversity through knowledge, awareness and the involvement of society, and we promote ecotourism as an instrument for the sustainable development of the territory.

Our excellent reputation has its foundation in devotion and extensive knowledge of the territory and always with the highest level of attention to detail.

Our experience

In Heritage Interpretation:

More than 25 guiding and interpretation courses in different parts of the world: Europe, Amazon, Patagonia…

Creation of the first postgraduate course in nature guiding at a European university (2012).

Creation and coordination of the NATOUR project. Erasmus+ for the training of ecotourism professionals in 10 countries (2021).

In gastronomy:

Coordination since 2012 of the Terra Animada Project at El Celler de Can Roca.

Collaboration in Ferran Adrià’s Bullipedia Project (elBulliFoundation).

Invited expert member of the IGCAT (International Institute of Gastronomy, Culture, Arts and Tourism) network.

Teaching at the School of Wine Tourism of Catalonia.

In sustainability:

Founding members of the Barcelona+Sostenible project.

Multiple presentations on Responsible Tourism and sustainable tourism development (USA, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Peru, Spain…)

Our team

Evarist March

He is the director and soul of Naturalwalks. He has turned his passion for nature into his profession. He is a consultant and biologist in botany with more than 20 years of experience in botany and the environment, especially related to the use of plants, algae and edible fungi, relating to gastronomy, health and the development of ecotourism projects and activities. Since 2014, he has been an Interpret Europe trainer and has worked mainly between Europe and Latin America, where he transmits through his experience in the field, the bases of the profession of nature guiding and the use of heritage interpretation tools..

Working languages: English, French, Portuguese, Spanish, Catalan


Joan Farré

Joan has a love affair with nature. He dedicates all of his professional activity and free time to different areas related to nature. Trained in natural resource management and actively engaged in landscape conservation, organic farming and the respectful interaction with the environment in leisure, business or sports. As a Naturalwalks guide, he offers a multidisciplinary vision and the vocation of an explorer to spark curiosity and to discover what lies beyond that mountain, under that stone, or inside that flower.

Working languages: English, Spanish, Catalan

Helena Marques

Attracted by wildlife since her childhood, she earned a degree in biology and later specialized in wildlife nutrition. For more than 20 years she has worked as a nutritionist for different national and international zoos and has formulated diets for all types of animals. Within her specialty she has participated in conservation projects of many threatened species of the Iberian Peninsula. She has also participated as a speaker in many conferences and courses worldwide. Since a few years ago, she performs interpretative routes for both school children and the general public. She enjoys sharing her passion and her goal is to awaken curiosity and promote respect towards nature and the environment. Helena brings her zoological approach to Naturalwalks.

Working languages: English, French, Spanish, Catalan

Sílvia Gili

A biologist and philosopher by training, passionate about nature, she has worked for more than 15 years on issues of conservation and management of natural heritage, bringing people closer to nature from different perspectives. Also trained in naturopathy and specializes in food and nutrition, phytotherapy and aromatherapy with a scientific basis. Master’s degree in international cooperation project management, postgraduate degree in citizen participation, science pedagogy and postgraduate degree in values and meanings of nature. He coordinates the postgraduate course on therapeutic forests at the Fundació Universitat de Girona i Sèlvans and provides training on health and nature. At Naturalwalks he manages his team and projects that bring Nature closer to people, from ecotourism and training.

Working languages: English, Spanish, Catalan


Gerard Acosta

Trained geologist and passionate about interpretation and the divulgation of natural heritage. He is an Interpretative Nature & Mountaineering Guide, specialised in eco-tourism activities. In spite of being from Barcelona, since he was very young he spent much of his free time in nature, which lead him to focus his professional life in this field. When not working as a guide, you can find him doing any kind of outdoor activity, always observing his surroundings and paying special attention to the natural world that surrounds him. In the Naturalwalks team, he contributes his knowledge of geology and the interaction of this in the other fields.

Working languages: English, Spanish, Catalan

Carolina González Delgado

Consultant, who has dedicated more than 10 years of her professional practice in the design and execution of Policies, Plans and sustainable tourism projects and other environmental businesses. Trained as Ecologist at the University Pontificia Javeriana de Colombia and with a Master’s in Social Politics from the same university. She has also taken courses related to tourism in natural areas in Costa Rica, Bolivia and Japan. Her commitment to the conservation of natural spaces and the development of memorable and sustainable experiences for all, are qualities that are combined with the mission of Naturalwalks.

Working languages: English, Spanish


Naturalwalk’s Guides

Naturalwalks has its team of Nature Guides. All the team has a proven track record in their specialty (Biology, Geology, Environment, etc.), they have specialized training in Heritage Interpretation certified by Interpret Europe, and they speak English as their working language.

Customer reviews

I really liked it! I would have liked him to explain more and everything, you could tell that the guide knew a lot!

-Paola Nestorova-

Activity in Collserola

(October, 2023)

A pleasure to walk in good company while learning in a beautiful environment. I recommend it to everyone who likes nature.

-Laura Bertran-

Holidays between herbs

(July, 2023)

“We found it to be a very interesting, complete and enjoyable activity. We learned a lot with the expert Evarist, about how to identify medicinal plants (by their appearance, by their touch or aroma), where to find them, why they are found in certain places, their names , its cultural aspect, etc. Our time passed very quickly. Totally recommended and without a doubt, we will repeat.

-Susana Hernández-
Remedial plants of Montseny

(May, 2022)

For those who want to go a little further than going out to look for mushrooms or who want to start doing it with knowledge based on knowledge and not on superstition. Getting started in the company of an expert is infinitely better than the best of existing books or guides. A joyous activity, the next day I was able to identify much more easily some specimens collected close to home.

-Carme Aymerich-
Course: Fungi and mushrooms from Montnegre

(December, 2021)

“The most interesting thing is discovering things we didn’t know before and being able to do it in nature. A very novel and interesting experience. Evarist is a person who really lives his job and transmits it to the whole group. 100% recommended.”

-Carles de Bolós-

Private activity

(November, 2021)

“It’s been quite an adventure and a pleasant time, disconnected from everyday worries; we loved the guidance and the reflection on nature and the environment, the combination of botany and culture, the knowledge about plants, algae… identifying from the sight, the colors…, the touch, the smells, the taste… and take advantage of what nature gives us to enjoy eating.”

-Jordi Tarragó Sancho-

Herbocayak in Lloret

(August, 2021)

“It was a very fun activity. The combination of the kayak and the explanations of the environment (flora, fauna, …) made the experience incredible. We will definitely repeat with Naturalwalks.”

-Maria Palao-

Herbokayak in Palamós

(June, 2021)

“The place chosen, the Pla de la Calma, has been very beautiful. Finding so many species of orchids and some in considerable quantity has been shocking especially for their “hidden” beauty among meadows and banks. It is a highly recommended outing: the orchids, the guide and the place are worth it.”

-Mar Godall-

A walk among the wild orchids of Montseny

(June, 2021)

“Totally recommended activity for anyone who wants to learn how to cook local plants or just with the interest of spending a very interesting afternoon full of surprises!”

-Josep Pons-

Montseny’s edible plants

(May, 2021)

“As it is a 100% practical workshop, everything that is covered and explained from start to finish can be understood and applied perfectly and immediately.”

–Angel Palomar–

The edible wild plants of Collserola

(april, 2021)

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