Exclusive experiences

A wine pairing between flowers

Pairing with Mediterranean wild flowers and wines. A singular and original look that combines the palate, the vegetal landscape and history through wine. The botanist of El Celler de Can Roca and a sommelier will transport us to the terroir through the aromas and sensations in the mouth. The activity is presented in two distinct parts that can be done together or independently: a walk through the natural environment of some of the most emblematic landscapes of Catalonia to discover the aromatic herbs and flowers of the territory, and a tasting of four wines paired with flowers characteristic of each place.

Location: All over Catalonia

All year round Easy 2,5-4 h

Marine tapas in kayak

Accompanied by a specialized kayak guide and a nature guide, we will discover the most inhospitable Costa Brava and its unknown corners: small coves, cliffs and caves surrounded by the tranquility of the Mediterranean Sea. We will stop at some beaches to walk and get to know the most delicious and surprising edible plants that live on the Costa Brava, which tell us amazing stories about their ancestral and also current uses. We will end up enjoying a swim in the crystal clear waters in some of the coves and the intrepid can dive in to discover the algae that inhabit their bottoms and their uses in the healthiest and most natural cuisine.

Place: Costa Brava (1 hour from Barcelona)

spring-summer-autumn Medium 3-4 h

Walking through the clouds

Accompanied by an expert guide in landscape and local plants, we will fly over the peaks of the region of volcanoes. At the foot of the Pyrenees, surrounding medieval towns and hidden beneath lush green, we find the Garrotxa volcanoes. Where lovers of nature and new sensations will enjoy the silent landscape of a bird’s eye view. A look that reaches from the snowy peaks to the beaches of the Mediterranean. During the flight, we will be able to enjoy the magnificent landscapes and interpret where the best-known aromatic herbs and mushrooms of the area’s cuisine are hidden. Once on land, we will harvest the herbs – and mushrooms depending on the season – to finish cooking and tasting them if you feel like it.

Place: Garrotxa (1 hour from Barcelona)

All year round Easy 3-3,5 h

Natural Gastrosail

A quiet and fun walk to enjoy the most unusual and natural green covers that nature can provide: plants, flowers, algae and Mediterranean fungi! A pleasant and very entertaining trip by boat and on foot to enjoy the Costa Brava from another point of view: on board a boat and with the gastrobotanist of the Celler de Can Roca. Along the way we will stop to taste first hand the most delicious hidden wild ingredients of our coast. Spicy flowers, salty leaves, crunchy stems or curious algae. A walk on our bluest coast to awaken the senses and the flavors on our palate! A tour for lovers of the sea and cuisine, also for the youngest.

Place: Costa Brava (1 hour from Barcelona)

All year round Easy 4 h

Wild Eco-Picnic

A meal with ingredients from organic producers in the area, wild plants of the moment and inspired by the traditional recipes of each place to taste them, in the middle of nature, with a rustic outfit for the occasion.
During the preliminary outing we will have the opportunity to collect ingredients that will be included in the dishes.
A wild-based meal in the middle of nature, inspired by a selection of plants chosen by Evarist March, botanist at El Celler de Can Roca.
A menu full of beauty and health.

Location: All over Catalonia

All year round Easy 2-3 h

Making your way to the wildest cocktail

A short and easy walk, possible from the Costa Brava to the Pyrenees, where slowly and treading the most fragrant nature you will discover in every flower and herb: the smells, fragrances and flavors of our Mediterranean.
On the way, we will pick some plants and flowers to end up on the table in the middle of the field or in an enclosed space of your choice for an innovative tasting, a lively workshop where you are the protagonist or a demonstration where you can make your own wilder cocktail using the fresh plants of the territory harvested in the previous walk.

Location: All over Catalonia

All year round Easy 2,5-3,5 h

The world of Ratafia

All corners of the planet have their ancestral liquors made with herbs. Without a doubt, ratafia is the traditional liqueur par excellence of the most humid Catalonia to date. Centennial family recipes, dozens of different aromatic herbs, stories and legends that explain their uses and the way of life in the past.
We will enjoy collecting the plants, as our wise grandparents did, and we will make our own ratafia with old and modern recipes to enjoy in the fall.

Location: All over Catalonia

spring-summer Easy 2-3 h

Looking for the wild ingredients of Vermouth

Vermouth, a plant name in German for a drink as well-known as it is historic in Catalonia.
In a walk we will follow the steps of its origin, surrounded by green, where we will connect with the wildest roots of this popular drink to discover some of the secrets related to the culture and nature of the plants used and their properties.
Finally, a simple workshop to prepare the base of your vermouth or enjoy a tasting of several.

Location: All over Catalonia

All year round Easy 2-3 h