RSC & Team Bulding

Your hands joined for a healthier Nature

In this activity you will put a grain of sand on the road to well-being, through a small action that improves a natural space: a river, a forest, a beach or a traditional path. We propose you to be part of our personal Naturalwalks project and contribute to the improvement of our beautiful Nature through a fun activity where you will actively, working in a team, contribute to the improvement of diversity and natural life by enhancing the native species, improving the conditions of sensitive habitats (beaches, rivers or streams) and therefore also our precious life refuges. At the same time you will improve your health, you will get to know better the people you work with and hidden details of Nature that will make you happier.

Location: All over Catalonia

All year round Easy 2,5-3,5 h

Nature as a source of inspiration

A walk through nature where in a quiet walk between forests, meadows and Mediterranean cliffs, you will discover the endless lessons that nature shows us to be efficient in life and also in our workplaces, through animated and interactive demonstrations. You will discover, for example, how plants manage to survive in hostile environments such as a dune or a cliff using minimal energy. Or how the apparently most delicious plants and used since time immemorial in our Mediterranean diet are at the same time the most repellent and can defend themselves skillfully. Or delve deeper into the different relationships that are established in nature to improve our performance. Nature is a source of life … and also of inspiration!

Location: All over Catalonia

All year round Easy 1,5-3,5 h