Emblematic places

The path of Ronda de S’agaró

We invite you to discover a new type of tourism different from anything you have experienced on the Costa Brava. A short walk along a path that is sculpted along the entire Costa Brava, known as the Camí de Ronda. When every season thousands of people walk through these environments, many may not know that some of the best-kept secrets of the Mediterranean diet are waiting to be discovered along this path: ancient plants used by our ancestors, as well as plants used today in one of the best restaurants in the world: El Celler de Can Roca.

Location: Costa Brava (1 hour from Barcelona)

All year round Easy 2-3 h

Grapevines and flowers from Cap de Creus

Discover the wine through the landscape where the vines take root and grow! The organic vineyards located in the Natural Park of Cap de Creus and close to Cap Norfeu, offer us an ideal setting to understand the relationship between viticulture and the environment and to taste different wines from the territory.
We will walk among the vineyards planted by the sea, arranged in terraces and surrounded by pastures and some cork oaks, and they will remind us where we come from and also the importance of preserving this legacy that they have left us as an inheritance.

Location: Cap de Creus (2h from Barcelona)

All year round Easy 2-3 h

The most natural Costa Brava

The paths meander through the forest and the small coves of sand and stone, which will lead you to discover, among others, young and old cork trees that tell us the history of wine and cava. Along the way we will also discover Dalí’s surrealist “shack”, today well hidden in the dense landscape of the area and some of the most beautiful and traditional fishermen’s houses.
As always, during the walk we will enjoy discovering and trying some of the most representative wild aromatic plants of the Costa Brava, going from old recipes to the most sophisticated dishes of Catalan haute cuisine.

Location: Costa Brava (1 hour from Barcelona)

All year round Easy 2-3 h

Walking among aromatic herbs in Tarragona by the sea

A relaxed walk among fragrant and salty herbs along the most unknown coast of southern Catalonia where, while walking among cliffs, beaches, dunes and coastal forests, you will be able to learn the history and uses of medicinal and edible herbs particularly linked to the culture of imperial Rome.
An outing where you can immerse yourself in the local Mediterranean culture and at the same time resolve doubts about the identification of wild plants and learn their uses, at the same time you can enjoy an exceptional landscape and coast that will allow us to enjoy the its coves and have a swim if the weather permits.

Location: Tarragona (1h from Barcelona)

All year round Easy 2-3 h

Delta de l’Ebre Natural Park

Between dunes and rice fields you will discover the culture linked to the extreme conditions of the sea inland, where through the plants and their relationship with nature, we will explain how people have transformed the territory from the past to the current delta
A walk for the whole family where the herbs have a salty taste and birds of all kinds mingle with the changing color of the landscape. The white sand beaches, the biosphere, the rice paddies and the birds make this the perfect experience to discover the flora and fauna of the Delta habitat.

Location: Delta de l’Ebre (2h from Barcelona)

All year round Easy 2-3 h

Between the clouds and the most aromatic nature

Where the Pyrenees meet the sea, at the peaks of the Serra de Rodes, we find a monumental complex that offers us spectacular views over the Costa Brava. The nature that surrounds this medieval complex still bears witness to how the monks and the townspeople lived, while introducing us to the most modern kitchens. On a pleasant walk through the mountains we discover the world of flowers and herbs that give the aroma to the Mediterranean diet for centuries and until today. We will also find forgotten edible plants that avant-garde chefs are now recovering in their dishes. We will feel how nature, the origin of food, is also a source of inspiration for the best-known stoves in Catalonia.

Location: Costa Brava (2 hours from Barcelona)

All year round Easy 2-3 h

The green nature of Empúries

Discover classical culture through plants, from the plant symbolism of Greek mythology to the recipes that give rise to Mediterranean cuisine. The privileged location of the Empúries site invites you to take a walk by the sea, where the ancient world is present wherever you look. The wild plants of the dunes and the species already cultivated in the time of the Greek colony, tell us stories of gods in love, frightened nymphs or sacred diviners. At the same time as the herbs we find along the way, they are also some of the best-known ingredients of the Mediterranean diet.

Location: Costa Brava (1.5 hours from Barcelona)

All year round Easy 2-3 h

Montserrat mountain

The most symbolic and spiritual place in Catalonia is also, at the same time, a spectacular massif with a unique topography. This is a tour through one of the most special places of our country, where you will discover its unique geology, the multitude of microclimates that will allow us to find a great diversity of aromatic plants and a lookout point from where you can enjoy magnificent views of the coast to the Pyrenees

Location: Montserrat (45 minutes from Barcelona)

All year round Easy 2-3 h

Montseny Natural Park

The Montseny Natural Park is the only Biosphere reserve in Catalonia. You can enjoy walking through the forests and meadows of the Alpine mountains, just over an hour from the sand of the sunny beaches. A spectacular landscape of colors throughout the year!

Location: Montseny (45 min from Barcelona)

All year round Easy 2-3 h


From the spectacular Vall de Ribes we will enter without any difficulty a high alpine mountain environment of great ecological richness, where water is present in every corner taking the form of a fountain, jet or stream. Walking by a large pond we will learn to recognize herbs, flowers, fruits and seeds, and their medicinal, edible or culinary uses. From any place you can discover unexpected panoramas and find the typical alpine vegetation that borders the paths and small paths.

Location: Vall de Ribes (1.5 hours from Barcelona)

spring-summer-autumn Easy 3-4 h