The aromas of the Mediterranean diet

A quiet and fun walk to enjoy the most unusual and natural green tapas that nature can provide you: wild plants and flowers! Spicy flowers, salty leaves, crunchy stems, sweet roots. A walk to surprise your senses and awaken your wildest instincts with the most natural ingredients! At the same time, we will show the traditional and current uses in different types of cuisine: from the highest gastronomy to the new vegan cuisine shakes, always in a fun and interactive way.

Location: All over Catalonia

All year round Easy 2-3 h

The natural diet of Cap de Creus

In the south of the Cap de Creus Natural Park, from the proud Montjoi valley to the top of the Cape, we will discover the aromatic herbs and edible plants of our coast that served the fishermen and farmers of this place in past times and that today we use again in the modern kitchen and home remedies. In a pleasant walk and away from the more crowded Costa Brava, we will enjoy the calm that emanates from this magical place full of Mediterranean essences.

Location: Cap de Creus (2 hours from Barcelona)

All year round Easy 2-3 h

The wildest Costa Brava

While strolling leisurely by the sea, our expert guide will show us which wild plants and flowers we can taste right there and how we use them in the well-known Mediterranean cuisine: aromatic flowers, salty leaves, crunchy stems and sweet roots as natural tapas. A walk to surprise your senses and to awaken your wild instincts with the most natural ingredients! The itinerary is easy and fun for adults or the whole family.

Location: Costa Brava (1 hour from Barcelona)

All year round Easy 2-3 h

Fungi and Mushrooms

We will walk with a specialist to let us be surprised by the diversity and unknown details of these inhabitants of nature. Along the way you will be able to learn to recognize the main spices of the place, some toxic and others very popular and delicious once cooked. It will be an enjoyable and at the same time instructive and practical outing. We will carefully collect the specimens we find so that we can then learn the best way to cook or preserve them.

Location: All over Catalonia

Autumn Easy 2-3 h