Wine world

D.O. Alella – Vineyards between two worlds

The DO closest to Barcelona, from where you can also enjoy the views of the city and the north coast or to the imposing Montseny or the emblematic Montserrat depending on the location. Located in the mountains of the Serralada Litoral and Serralada de Marina Parks, between the Vallès plain and the Mediterranean coast, in a typically granite soil that gives particularity to its wines. A territory of contrasting climates within a very short distance, producing especially diverse, perfumed and sparkling white wines, such as Marfil, where the white raisin stands out as the most distinctive variety.

The activity includes an easy walk through the immediate natural environment to one of the DO vineyards and a wine tasting and a small snack.

Location: 20 minutes from Barcelona

All year round Easy 2-3 h

D.O. Empordà – Baix Empordà:
Following the footsteps of Dom Perignon

In the south of Empordà, around Palamós we find a land of abundance of vineyards, varieties and depth of wines and territory. Sheltered from the north winds and always exposed to sea breezes, with diverse terrain, from clay to slate, it offers a multitude of walks through purely Mediterranean landscapes. We will be able to see the growth of the tree that is the very essence of alcoholic fermentation – the cork oak- and a symbol of its use in the region, to exploit its precious material: cork! And we will learn about its relationship with local use projects. If you prefer, you can also choose a walk along the seafront, and start delving into Dalí’s relationship with the place as well.

The activity includes an easy walk through the immediate natural environment to one of the DO vineyards and a wine tasting and a small snack.

Location: around Palamós (1.5 hours from Barcelona – 40 minutes from Girona)

All year round Easy 2-3 h

D.O. Empordà – Alt Empordà: Tramuntana wine

In the north of the Empordà the contrasts are even more intense and the world of wine is an intrinsic part of the history of the place. Its diverse landscape allows us to find vineyards right next to the beach, to an ancestral alluvial plain or in the many coastal areas of Cap de Creus or the foothills of the Pyrenees to the sea. A land of strong contrasts of all kinds that leaves no one indifferent both in the field and in its expression in its wines. A territory where the human hand has adapted to the demanding weather conditions, mainly from the intense northerly winds, which still today mark a way of being.

The walks can be in vineyards that end in one of the lonely coves, in very particular and curious plains or in other areas depending on the interest of the public to end with a tasting of wines and products of the DO.

Location: around Cap de Creus (2 hours from Barcelona – 1 hour from Girona)

All year round Easy 2-3 h

D.O. Penedès – The millennial terroirs

Penedès is a symbol of a land of vineyards and wineries in abundance, surrounded by Mediterranean greens and a palette of geological ochres. This is one of the places where calcareous soils are best represented in Catalonia due to their extension and diversity, which also makes their products very varied and interesting, being also the land par excellence of the world of cavas and sparkling wines. Although well known for its whites well represented by the Xarel·lo varieties, you can also enjoy full-bodied and intense reds.
A space of contrasts; vineyards and dry crops, surrounded by patches of white pine pine groves or scrub, always with the imposing mountain of Montserrat in the background where the geological relief and cultural symbolism meet as an expression of identity.

The walks include getting to know various natural environments or the Montserrat massif itself with a tasting of wines and cavas with products from the region.

Place: Penedès (45 minutes from Barcelona)

All year round Easy 2-3 h

D.O. Priorat – The extreme Mediterranean made wine

To talk about Priorat today is to call it a global benchmark in quality product, which has managed to transform the harshness of the natural environment into modernity and tradition in the bottle. A territory that is a mosaic in itself, where the nuances in each of the basins are transformed into new dimensions of the world of the vineyard. The gray and impermeable sobriety of the licorellas makes a territory dominated by acidic, dry and extreme soils that guarantees the quality of the wine, and at the same time, in a short distance we are surprised by places with white granites that bring more contrast to the walk.

The activity will be offered in the heart of the Priorat, in a completely rural and agricultural environment to finish – if desired – with a tasting of local wines and products.

Place: Priorat, around Falset (1.5 hours from Barcelona)

All year round Easy 2-3 h

A wine pairing between flowers

Pairing with Mediterranean wild flowers and wines. A singular and original look that combines the palate, the vegetal landscape and history through wine. The botanist of El Celler de Can Roca and a sommelier will transport us to the terroir through the aromas and sensations in the mouth. The activity is presented in two distinct parts that can be done together or independently: a walk through the natural environment of some of the most emblematic landscapes of Catalonia to discover the aromatic herbs and flowers of the territory, and a tasting of four wines paired with flowers characteristic of each place.

Location: All over Catalonia

All year round Easy 2,5-4 h